Tuesday, 17 September 2013

FDA approval for Botox Cosmetic to improve the appearance of crows’ feet lines around the eyes

Botulinum toxin is used applied to many of the muscles of the face, either to improve the appearance of wrinkles or to reverse the effects aging has on the face.  While the general Medical Council and Professional Indemnity bodies fully approve of this use, for a long time, the only cosmetic application formally approved by the FDA (the American Food and Drug Administraiton) was limited to the area between the eyes, often referred to as frown lines, or the number 11, or the glabella in medical terms.

This approval has now been extended to the treatment of crows’ feet (or lateral canthal lines).  These are the lines seen radiating from the corners of the eye on smiling.  This is the second commonest area to be treated with Botulinum toxin A after the frown lines.  Other areas treated (but now approved by the FDA as yet) include horizontal brow lines, neck lines, smokers’ lines around the mouth, gummy smile, dimply “cobblestone chin” and drooping corners of the mouth.
In expert hands, Botulinum toxin A is an extremely safe drug which can be used discerningly to yield beautiful natural-looking results when treating the aging face.

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