Thursday, 31 October 2013

Split Earlobe Repair

Chandelier earrings are back in! They certainly are very pretty, but is it really all that wise to subject our poor earlobes to such pressure?  This little square centimetre of skin has been the bearer of heavy loads or adornment  through the centuries.  Earlobes tend to enlarge and sag with age naturally, and unfortunately, Dynasty-style earrings don't help much.

At Aesthetic Virtue, we are seeing more and more people coming to us for repair of torn or split earlobes. Most of the time the split earlobe occurs sue to the prolonged use of very heavy earrings.  What happens is the weight of the earring slowly cheese wires itself through the earlobe flesh, finally causing a rent.  As this is a very gradual process, most of the time , this is not painful and there is very little associated bleeding if at all.  It can also occur sure to traumatic tearing, such as if a child forcefully grabs onto an earring.

Simple split earlobes are very easily repaired at Aesthetic Virtue. After a thorough consultation, our surgeon, Dr Raina Zarb Adami, numbs the area with local anaesthetic and makes a small incision to be able to sew the split surfaces back together with stitches. The procedure takes around 20 minutes, and is done on an out-patient basis. We advise leaving at least 6 weeks before re-peircing the ear.  A 3 month wait is ideal. The surgeon will then re-pierce the ear herself, to minimise the chance  of the earlobe re-splitting.

There has recently been a trend in enlarging earring holes. The earlobe's capability of stretching is impressive. However, on many an occasion, these individuals seek to reduce this earlobe enlargement and restore it to its original size and appearance. This surgical procedure is a little more complex and may take slightly longer, but it can also be done as an out-patient.

The Daily Mail , as usual, has plenty to say about enlarging and split earlobes, and their repair.


Rise of earlobe repair procedures


Split earlobe repair is one of the commonest procedures carried out at Aesthetic Virtue in London's Harley Street. Split earlobe repair procedures start at £350.  As we pride ourselves in excellent patient care at every level, we make it a point to ensure the patient journey is as smooth, comprehensive and as enjoyable as possible. The follow-up appointment and ear re-piercing is therefore complimentary following the procedure.

Should you be concerned at all about you enlarged or split earlobes, please do give us a call on 0207 436 0460

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