Thursday, 7 November 2013

NON-Surgical Lip Enhancement

It's been known for a long time, we find fuller lips sexier.  Studies into human behavior have revealed that this is because thicker lips tend to be associated with a warmer, more approachable and more nurturing personality, which the male of the species is naturally drawn to.

Lip enhancement procedures may be carried out to enhance or define the lips, or to correct any asymmetry or unevenness.  Lips which have been enhanced using dermal fillers should never give the secret away.  Hence, natural-looking results are the best ones.

Artificially large lips are often too evident due to excessive pouting, eversion or size.  Those lips certainly cannot be considered attractive.  When it comes to enhancing lips, less is often more.  The use of small amounts of dermal fillers placed very judiciously, just to define the red border or the Cupid's bow, or to evert the lip slightly can yield beautiful results, while avoiding the "done" look.

The most important part of the lip enhancement treatment is the consultation and discussion with your doctor beforehand.  This is the opportunity to understand each other, discuss your expectations, address any concerns understand the risks versus the benefits and to know way the treatment entails.

Normally, a lip enhancement procedure is a rather quick intervention lasting about 10-15 minutes.  Your lips will be number with numbing cream beforehand to make the procedure more comfortable.  If you are extremely sensitive to pain, a numbing injection (like the density's) can be given beforehand, although this is not usually necessary.

At Aesthetic Virtue, we take pride in delivering excellence in aesthetic medicine at every level.  We believe natural-looking results are the superior results.  In fact, we don't like people noticing you've been to one of our clinics! 

Remember that any treatment involving dermal fillers, especially in the lip area is usually followed by some swelling and bruising, so always allow at least a couple of days between the treatment and a cosmetically sensitive event, such as the Christmas office party!!

Should you consider a lip enhancement procedure, please do speak to us.

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